We are a group of senior scientists and software developers focused on creating tools and curricula for scalable computer science education.

With our work we aspire to build a learning environment that scales without sacrificing quality or personal feedback. Many of our courses are for ETH Zürich, but we are happy to share our expertise and have launched several pilot programs with other educational institutions.


We teach a diverse portfolio of computer science courses to around five thousand students per semester, most from non computer-science departments with heterogeneous skill levels.

All our course contents are developed in close consultation with the departments involved and are tailored to the respective target groups. Depending on their needs, we vary our courses along several dimensions: combination of topics, level of depth, teaching and assessment style, and programming language and environment.

Service lectures

Most of our courses are for students from non computer-science departments. Our introductory courses to computer science typically cover programming in a programming language, such as Python, C++ or Java. Moreover, we cover classical computer science topics like software engineering or design of algorithms and data structures. We also give courses in machine learning and with a focus on data science. The course content is developed in close consultation with the departments involved and is tailored to the respective target groups. For us, the biggest challenge in teaching is the large number of students and the great heterogeneity of prior knowledge among students.

Service Lectures by D-INFK

Continuing education

Our Certificate of Advanced Studies ETH courses are designed to provide a targeted information technology education to managers with backgrounds outside of IT for the purpose of accelerating their career.

CAS ETH in Applied Information Technology

Our educational tools

Our team employs a small group of developers to help us build custom educational tools. With this setup we can optimally support the needs of lecturers, teaching assistants, and students alike.

Code Expert logo

Code Expert is a worry-free and platform independent online IDE that allows thousands of students at ETH Zürich to work on open programming tasks in exercises and exams.

Audience: ETH, high schools

E.Tutorial logo

E.Tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for self-guided learning. Students can apply computer science concepts using their own computers and can deepen their existing knowledge or prepare for solving projects.

Audience: open for all


Our team comprises almost twenty members, including lecturers, software developers, and an apprentice from ETH Zürich who recently joined us. What sets us apart is the combination of practice and theory, at the intersection of which several successful educational tools have been created.